Announcing Two New Vocational Rehabilitation Case Studies

September 2017

To provide professionals with insights into better survey design and other client satisfaction research strategies, Market Decisions Research has produced two new case studies. They describe our work on behalf of one vocational rehabilitation agency in a state with a high population of people with disabilities (Florida) and another in a state with a low population (North Dakota). The case studies illustrate some of the ways in which the survey research, data collection, analysis, and reporting services we provide have aided these and other vocational rehabilitation agencies across the country.


We believe in proposing the research methods that will best capture the information you desire. We do not have a favorite research tool, and we are not limited to just a few research tools. We have a full toolbox of simple and complex methods for survey design, sampling design, data collection, and data analysis.


We conduct both qualitative research (focus groups and interviews) and quantitative research (online, telephone, and paper mailed surveys) using entirely in-house resources. Our research staff specializes in designing and weighting complex samples (dual frame, stratified and oversamples, etc.) and advanced data analysis.