Energy & Environment

Clients rely on our research to provide an accurate view of attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors of stakeholders and consumers on a spectrum of energy and environmental issues.


Our research has been used to guide critical decisions on fisheries management. We have extensively surveyed commercial fishermen, lobstermen, and the working waterfront to understand economic trends and the possible effects of such issues as more stringent catch limitations.

Environmental Stewardship

We provide research to guide the development of communications programs, track stages of behavior change, and to provide information to continually improve programs and communications. Our work has informed efforts to prevent the spread of invasive plants, reduce storm water run-off, increase oil recycling, reduce vehicle idling, encourage smart growth, discourage the use of fertilizers and pesticides, decrease soil erosion, and encourage trash recycling.

Facility Siting

Our research is often used to provide information to understand the perceived impact of new energy facilities. We have determined community perceptions of the impact of new transmission lines and we have quantified the visual impact of new conventional power plants and wind energy facilities in remote areas.

Public Policy

Government agencies and community organizations both rely on us to understand public opinion on energy and environmental issues. Our research informs policy on such issues as offshore wind energy development, aquaculture, smart growth, and fisheries management.


We provide market research to help electric utilities, gas utilities, and oil companies understand customer needs and then develop and market services to meet those needs. We inform the marketing of online product offerings, home heating oil, commercial heating oil, service plans, heat pumps and new utility rate plans.

Energy Conservation

Our research guides efforts to improve the marketing of energy conservation to consumers and businesses. Our clients have included oil distributors, electric utilities, and government agencies.