Brian Robertson, Ph.D.

Vice President, Research

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207-767-6440 ext. 102

Dr. Robertson provides technical leadership for all Market Decisions Research projects, including research design, survey structure, sampling methodologies, data collection methods, and analysis. He ensures that data collected is truly representative of the population of interest, advanced tools are used to get the most from the data, and the data presented is clear and actionable.

Since joining Market Decisions in 2000, he has managed the company’s largest and most technically demanding studies. These often include all-encompassing survey instruments, complex sampling, and large sample sizes.

His work most often addresses health care and public policy issues. He managed over 20 studies on health insurance policy in nine states, which included 55,000+ resident surveys in Vermont and 30,000 in Pennsylvania.  He has conducted research to improve services for vocational rehabilitation in eight states.  He led studies for population health planning, surveying more than 250,000 respondents in five states.

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