Comprehensive Reporting

Good reporting is more than just putting charts and numbers on a page. We work closely with clients to design custom research reports that are aimed at specific audiences – from consumers to executives – to maximize the understanding of data and interpretation, key findings, and recommendations.

The key to memorable and persuasive reporting is the concept of storytelling.

Human brains are wired to respond to stories on an emotional level, and thus are much more likely to remember stories than simple facts or numbers. The MDR team incorporates storytelling concepts into the development of reports and the presentation of data; we do this to enhance their impact and make them memorable for readers. Even for our data heavy quantitative studies, our approach is to examine the data from multiple angles to identify the story that is most relevant to our clients and present the results in a way that clearly leads readers through that story.

This process begins with a consultation at the start of the project to understand more about reporting needs, what our clients hope to achieve with the reports, and how audiences will be using the results. After this meeting, our team will develop one or more reporting outlines or templates that are shared with clients for review and approval.

This is all done before reporting starts to make sure that everyone on the project has a clear understanding of reporting expectations. We also collaborate closely with clients during development to produce high-quality and relevant reporting.

We offer many different types of reports based on client needs, including:

  • Executive summaries
  • PowerPoint based survey results reports
  • Presentations of research to clients, executive teams, boards, and other stakeholders
  • Issue briefs and case studies
  • Infographics
  • Peer-review manuscripts and white papers