What We Do

We conduct research assignments for clients in over 25 states. Each year we administer more than 50-100 research studies on a wide variety of topics from public policy to branding to feasibility. Our assignments range in size from a few thousand dollars to multi-year contracts over a million dollars. Our clients include government agencies, non-profit organizations, and private businesses.

We conduct both qualitative research (focus groups and interviews) and quantitative research (online, telephone and paper mailed surveys) using entirely in-house resources. Our research staff specializes in designing and weighting complex samples (dual frame, stratified and oversamples, etc.) and advanced data analysis (cluster analysis, perceptual mapping and regression-based modeling, etc).


Our office is conveniently located right off I-295 in Portland, Maine, just minutes from the Portland International Airport. The greater Portland metropolitan area provides a demographically diverse research respondent pool of over 250,000.

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