Online Surveys

The low cost of collecting data online, the speed with which online surveys can be fielded, and immediate access to survey results have made online surveys very popular.

We program and manage online surveys using sophisticated Qualtrics survey software, which allows complex skip patterns and random question rotation. Images can be easily added to text, making it possible for you to test advertising, logos, and even videos.

By using purchased panel sample from reputable vendors, we can field surveys to unique and distinct population segments.

Online surveys are best if you:

  • Desire fast, lower cost data collection
  • Are using directional, and not necessarily representative data
  • Are surveying your customers or members of an association
  • Have a sample frame for which a complete email list is available
  • Administer shorter surveys
  • Want to incorporate visual and media elements

Complex survey designs are feasible with our survey software

We use mixed mode surveys - online and telephone - to reduce data collection costs and collect representative data