Patrick Madden, MBA

Research Director

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207-767-6440 ext. 101

Mr. Madden is expert at understanding a client’s needs and using his experience to design research to meet those needs. He works closely with clients to develop research plans, surveys and reports that effectively answer research questions and support data driven decision making. While he relies on simple approaches whenever possible, he also relishes challenges: complicated data collection, multiple target populations or sophisticated data analysis.

His assignments have spanned a wide variety of clients, including governments, non-profits and businesses. These often address similar issues, leveraging his learnings from one sector to another. He has managed branding research for consumer products, public health programs, physician practices, and universities. He has conducted product and service feasibility research for hospitals, insurance providers, and financial organizations. He has analyzed secondary data to quantify needs for medical services, cancer care transportation, youth programs and senior housing. He has tracked awareness and impact of traditional mass media marketing, as well as behavioral marketing and social media marketing.

Mr. Madden primary serves as principal investigator on research projects, but he also brings practical technical skills to this work. He is experienced with various sampling methodologies and weighting protocols. He has a background in quantitative analysis, including analytical techniques such as predictive modeling, time series, non-linear modeling, data mining and cluster analysis. He excels at distilling large quantities of data into clear and actionable recommendations for clients.

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