Patrick Madden, MBA


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207-767-6440 ext. 101

Mr. Madden provides overall leadership to MDR with a focus on exacting and innovative research methods, accurate high-quality data, and “research for good” – projects that help improve societal well-being and health.

His nearly 20 years of experience working directly with people and organizations to turn their ideas into research, data, and insights, allows Mr. Madden to work closely with clients to design research and evaluation projects that effectively answer research questions and support data driven decision making. He excels at distilling large quantities of data into clear and actionable recommendations to support important educational, program and policy development.

In his role, Mr. Madden serves as principal investigator on a wide range of research projects for nonprofits, government agencies, and health care organizations. His work focuses on overall health and social well-being and improving health equity for underserved populations, leveraging his learnings from one sector to another. This includes topics such as community health, community needs assessments, healthcare access and services, substance use and mental health, youth and adolescent health, and evaluation of behavioral and social marketing campaigns.

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