Papers, Presentations & Publications


The VR Consumer Experience

Brian Robertson PhD, Candace Walsh MA

PEQA 2023


Assessing the effectiveness of using propensity scores to target hard-to-reach populations

Brian Robertson PhD, John Charles MS, Anna Driscoll

AAPOR 2023


Creating a Space for Vulnerability and Shared Experience

Allison Tippery, Frances Tarbell

AAPOR 2023


The Bots are Taking Over! Lessons Learned from Battling Bots on a Social Media Survey

Allison Tippery, John Charles MS, Patrick Madden MBA

Poster AAPOR 2022


“Use of Incentives to Increase Representation and Cost Effectiveness of African American Mothers in PRAMS”

Patrick Madden & Jennifer Oliver, Market Decisions Research and Tracey Jewell & Tina Webb, Kentucky Department for Public Health

Presentation, APPOR Annual Conference, 2019


“Welcome To The Neighborhood: Health Care Access for African New Mainers”

Patricia Hart, MS, CPH, Lindsay Gannon, MPA, Holly Lasagna, MLS

Presentation, APHA Annual Meeting, November 2017


“Identifying Gender Minorities in Population-Based Proxy Surveys”

Brian Robertson PhD, Mark Noyes MPH, Paige Lewis

Presentation, APPOR Annual Conference May 2018


“Can Survey Design Reduce the Undercount of Public Health Insurance Coverage?”

Brian Robertson PhD, Mark Noyes, MPH

Poster Session, AAPOR Annual Conference, May 2018


“Is It Worth the Cost? The Use of a Survey Invitation Letter to Increase 
Response to an Email Survey”

Brian Robertson PhD, John Charles MS, Mark Noyes MPH

Presentation, APPOR Annual Conference, May 2018


“Peer Crowd Identification and Adolescent Health Behaviors: Results From a Statewide Representative Study”

Patrick Madden MBA, John Charles MS

Journal Article, Heath Education & Behavior, March 2018


“Responsive Survey Design to Improve Participation Among African American Mother in PRAMS”

Patrick Madden MBA, Jennifer Oliver, Tracey Jewell

APPOR Annual Conference May 2018