Allison Tippery

Qualitative Research Manager

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207-767-6440 ext. 1116

After years of clinical research experience in mental health and emergency medicine, Allison now focuses on projects requiring qualitative research. She is passionate about listening to people’s stories and learning more about their behavior, experiences, and attitudes. She enjoys digging deep and using qualitative methods for complex research questions and studies. She can look at data from a close and human perspective while enjoying the task of applying it to the big picture.

Allison is a trained focus group moderator and in-depth interviewer. She handles many different types of qualitative projects from research design to analysis and reporting. She is a master at building rapport with research participants and making them feel comfortable about discussing sensitive topics. She loves working as a team, training people on new projects, and is an expert at handling many responsibilities at once.

What Makes Maine Great? Ally loves that she can ride her bike to beautiful towns and villages all over Maine. Once at her destination, Ally loves to try new foods at the local restaurants and coffee shops



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