Nathaniel (Nat) Mildner

Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

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207-767-6440 ext. 1112

Mr. Mildner manages the financial and business aspects of Market Decisions Research. He uses his business skills and natural curiosity to find ways to improve processes and procedures across specific projects as well as companywide. Nat is especially interested in how MDR can use technology to create a more efficient workplace.

Nat is respected for his rapid response to client needs, his deft management of complicated projects and his interest in new approaches to our work. He coordinates the details of many of the company’s most logistically complex research projects, particularly ones that combine mail and online data collection. He also leads the company’s qualitative research practice—both online and in-person focus groups.

Nat has coordinated over 100 successful research projects. This included an ambitious effort to quantify the state of health information technology adoption in Massachusetts.  Data was collected from thousands of health care providers, consumers, and doctors and presented in a custom format to make the findings clear and accessible.  To precisely track the performance of judges in Colorado he managed surveys of thousands of lawyers, court employees, plaintiffs, and defendants and presented the data using an online interactive tool.

What does Nat love about living in Maine? Skiing. Nat loves to head to Sugarloaf to ski, teach his kids to ski, and spend time with his family,

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