Data Visualization

Data visualization is not just about pretty charts or infographics, it is the concept of making data easier to understand and interpret through the thoughtful use of visuals. It is also about simplification – taking complex data, numbers and information, and presenting it such a way to highlight the most important concepts or findings.

Good data visualization enhances the story that we are telling with our reports and presentations.

MDR strives to report on and present data in innovative and visual ways, making data more accessible and easier to interpret. Our staff are trained in the use of Tableau software to create and share data visualizations that enhance our analysis, reporting, and interpretation of findings.


Tableau helps people understand and explore data by creating interactive charts, maps and infographics. It allows us to create a visual narrative using the data we collect, drawing out additional insights from research findings not always possible through static tables and charts. We can easily connect Tableau to any analytical software that we use, allowing us to blend data from multiple sources into one dashboard. By using Tableau maps, we can create customized GIS maps to dig deeper and understand geographic nuances in the data we collect. Tableau also allows data visualizations to be shared securely with others, creating a collaborative environment to drive data-driven decision making.