Health Insurance Status

Market Decisions Research conducts surveys on the health insurance status of individuals. This work determines whether an individual is insured or not, and if they are insured, what type of insurance they carry. Policy makers, program executives, advocates, and health planners use this information to:

  • better communicate about existing programs;
  • design new programs to expand health insurance coverage;
  • valuate how programs are working.

MDR has been on the forefront of health insurance research since 2001 and has conducted research for agencies in over ten states.

Our proprietary survey design provides more data than other surveys of its type. Instead of only collecting complete information on the status of the individual being interviewed, we roster all the members of a household and then collect information about each family member on the roster. This approach is particularly useful in understanding the health insurance status of nontraditional families, such as grandparents on Medicaid living with grandchildren on CHIP, or households with related and unrelated people.

Health Insurance Survey reports published as a result of our research.

Oregon Health Insurance Survey / (2017, 2019)

2017 Results

Vermont Health Insurance Survey / (2000, 2005, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2014, 2018)

2014 Report

Rhode Island Health Insurance Survey / (2012, 2015, 2017, 2018)

2015 Report

Health Insurance Providers

Commercial health insurance companies and governments have used our research to align plan designs with customer preferences to measure and continually improve service satisfaction as well as measure and improve relationships with providers. MDR has conducted dozens of studies for Blue Cross Blue Shield and Anthem, and we have conducted research for state governments to predict the effect of various options on the choice of plans by state employees.

Dental Insurance

We serve the dental insurance industry with a wide variety of research. We add value by accurately and cost-effectively measuring satisfaction and experience among specific segments of the insured. Results are used to drive improvements to customer service and communication, claims processing, and technological capabilities.

Disability Insurance

We are a leading provider of survey research services for the disability insurance industry. In addition to measuring customer satisfaction levels for insurance companies, we also conduct research on the attitudes, perceptions, and needs of agents and producers; those who directly market and sell insurance. This is used to aid in new product development and make improvements to marketing, administration, technical support, and compensation plans.