Vocational Rehabilitation & Disability Services

Vocational Rehabilitation agencies and organizations that provide services to individuals with disabilities have an important responsibility: to gauge customer satisfaction with their services and staff. Both consumer and staff surveys play a pivotal role in enabling agencies to refine programs, enhance offerings, and evaluate staff.

With an extensive track record collaborating with over a dozen agencies across eleven states, MDR stands at the forefront as a provider of vocational rehabilitation research endeavors.

Our current clients include:

Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission
New Hampshire Vocational Rehabilitation
Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation
North Dakota Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
Vermont Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
Washington VR Vocational Rehabilitation

We leverage our experience and expertise to provide dependable and valuable insights. Our methodologies for data collection are meticulously crafted with a keen understanding of the unique attributes of the disabled population. Our survey questionnaires are designed to allow us to accurately quantify client satisfaction pertaining to specific services and furnish actionable insights that drive continuous improvement.

Below you will find Dr. Brian Robertson’s presentation, Assessing the VR Consumer Experience. This presentation is an overview of how to develop a survey of VR experience from the consumer’s perspective. It highlights the questions you should ask to get the answers you need.

Assessing the VR Consumer Experience 08.2023