Candace Walsh, MA

Research Analyst

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207-767-6440 ext. 1115

Ms. Walsh began her career in mental health conducting assessments on individuals in acute crisis. Through this work she honed her communication style to match her audience, helping them to more clearly articulate their ideas and ensure those who could not advocate for themselves received the best care. She wrote detailed reports, advocated for appropriate placement, and coordinated with various community agencies. Working in the non-profit world sparked her interest in research and how to use it to help others.

With this background, Candace joined MDR in 2019 and found an immediate fit for her skills. Detail-oriented and curious, she assists in survey programming and testing, editing, data analysis, and report writing. She is interested in all aspects of research and is keen to understand the narrative behind the data that helps to improve the lives of others.

Ms. Walsh has learned the importance of listening to the message between the words and tactfully eliciting difficult information while remaining empathetic. She understands the value of using individual stories to gain an understanding about healthcare outcomes, access to care, and community needs.

What keeps Candace busy outside of work? Anything outdoors. She climbs Mt. Katahdin each year and completes many other challenging hikes around the state. And like many others at MDR, she loves playing tourist in Portland and enjoying the fabulous food scene.


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