Approved Vendor for the 2021 QHP Enrollee Survey

As of September 1st, 2020, Market Decisions Research is an HHS-approved survey vendor for the 2021 Qualified Health Plan (QHP) Enrollee Satisfaction Survey. As a vendor, MDR can conduct your survey with the proper sampling specifications and implementation guidelines for its required data collection. The Affordable Care Act now requires the administration of an enrollee satisfaction survey to consumers of QHPs (Quality Health Plans) offered through an Exchange. The objective is to assess the consumer experience with QHPs and to publicly display this information by Marketplace so that individuals can assess the enrollee experience among comparable plans. Please contact Dr. Brian Robertson, MDR’s Vice President of Research, to discuss your needs for the 2021 QHP Enrollee Satisfaction Survey. Phone: (207) 767.6440 ext. 102 / Email: For more information about the QHP enrollee survey, please click here.
Affordable Care Act requires a mandatory QHP Enrollee Experience Survey