Curtis Mildner, MBA


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207-767-6440 ext. 105

Mr. Mildner’s passion is to help organizations make better decisions by collecting reliable data that is skillfully turned into useful information.  He helps organizations use research for successful product launches, organizational re-engineering, effective advertising, and purposeful social marketing.

As the senior leader of the firm, Mr. Mildner assures that all work meets client’s needs, that the work is technically robust, and that the team conducts work that is consistent with the company’s key values.

Mr. Mildner contributes on research projects that can benefit from his experience in marketing, sales, and organizational change. He has led studies to evaluate the effectiveness of patient-centered health care programs, to inform effective marketing programs for health care providers, and to more effectively segment target audiences.

As a trained moderator, he enjoys conducting focus groups and has observed firsthand how insights gathered from group discussions of individual experiences add meaning to quantitative data and make desirable actions clear.

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