Mail & Paper Surveys

Paper surveys distributed and administered at specific locations are a practical way to survey respondents where they congregate in groups. This mode of data collection is ideal for students in schools or participants in programs.

Surveys mailed to a home or business have become an effective data collection option as respondents find a mailed survey convenient; in turn they provide thoughtful responses.

We often use mailed or paper surveys as a part of a multi-mode data collection effort. For example, we may begin with a mailed survey and then interview non-respondents over the phone to achieve a satisfactory response rate.

We rely on the latest science in our design of paper surveys; we design questions specifically for paper surveys, word questions so that they can be easily understood, and format response options so they are tracked to the right question. For fast and accurate data entry, we layout surveys using TeleForm software allowing responses to be read automatically using high-speed scanners.

We maximize response rates (targeting 50%) to mailed surveys with a time-tested design of our mailed survey package and a three stage mailing protocol (survey, reminder postcard, second survey). By meeting our target, you can be assured that the data reflects the views of the entire population and the effect of non-response bias is minimized.

Mail/Paper surveys are best if you:

  • Are surveying those that can’t be reached by telephone or those for whom only addresses are available
  • Are surveying respondents at a specific address or location
  • Want to reach respondents who know you or have an interest in the survey results, such as existing customers or employees, or members of an organization
  • Want to convey that customer feedback is important

Our three-stage mail protocol achieves high response rates

High speed scanning virtually eliminates errors common with manual data entry