Did we call you?

Receive a call from 207-767-6440 or one of our other numbers?

We understand that some people won’t answer calls from numbers they don’t know, so we created this page to introduce ourselves.

Market Decisions Research (MDR) is a survey research company that operates a call center out of our offices in Portland, Maine. Our interviewers make outbound calls to ask people to participate in short surveys. They will never try to sell you anything and will never ask for personal information like a credit card or social security number.

MDR has been conducting surveys since 1977, and today we conduct more than 100 survey research projects every year. Sometimes we can identify the client we are calling on behalf of up front and sometimes we can’t because it would bias the results. Most of our work is for state government agencies related to public health issues, insurance, and vocational rehabilitation. For more details check out our main projects page.

You can always contact us at 207-767-6440 extension 111 or reseach@marketdecisions.com if you have any questions.

To add your number to our do not call list please click here. Requests may take 24-48 hours to take effect. All of our surveys are voluntary, if you answer and say that you don’t want to participate you won’t be called again.

Our main phone number is 207-767-6440, but we also use a few other numbers as well which are: 617-874-1550, 502-783-7663, 401-226-0746, 307-222-8594, 850-778-9322, and 850-778-9323.