Market Decisions Research Profiles Five Youth Smoking Segments 


Since 2009 Market Decisions has provided research in support of the anti-smoking social marketing campaigns of the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth. Recent research confirmed that there are at least five distinct peer crowds, with different smoking rates, different attitudes towards smoking, different smoking rates and different peer influences. 

VFHY targets specific “peer crowds” at high risk for smoking with tailored campaigns. "Country" and "Alternative" are VFHY's current focus.  A campaign targeted to "Hip-Hop" is under development.  

To review Market Decisions' 2014 report, "Peer Crowd Analysis Research Brief” for the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth, click here.

Focus Groups From Market Decisions 
VR FG screenshot
Market Decisions' approach to focus groups allows the participants to drive the discussion. Instead of asking a specific question to start we ask a general one, often as simple as, “tell me about…” 
The moderator then orchestrates the discussion, encouraging more discussion on the topics of interest and probing to provide greater depth. This approach quickly confirms the obvious and always provides unexpected information. 

For a short video on our highly effecive approach to Focus Groups click here.


Massachusetts Health Information Technology Study Released

mehi report

In 2013-14, Market Decisions surveyed 507 Practice Managers, 308 Healthcare Providers and 807 Individual Consumers for the Massachusetts Health Information Technology Institute. Full Report:

1. EHR Adoption very high, 90% among primary and specialty care providers. 

 A quarter of providers report participating in a Health Information
Exchange, of the remainder 68% planning to connect. 

 Adoption among behavioral health, long term care, post acute care 55% or lower. 

. Consumers positive about Health Information Technology Benefits








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