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MD has been working with Community Health Assessments Partners to provide CHNAs for many years. Our assessments are data driven using secondary data available from public sources and primary data collected from our proprietary household survey. Through our partnership with academic institutions we also facilitate stakeholder involvement, community involvement, recommend programs and assist with program development. Click here for more information and sample reports.


Survey: Maine Consumer Sentiment Improves

Still Below Levels Seen Prior to the Great Recession

 Consumer Sentiment stands at 75.1, still 9.5% below the 82.1 measured seven years earlier in April 2007. Consumer Sentiment reached a low of 45 in April 2008.

Market Decisions’ Maine Consumer Sentiment Index became decidedly less optimistic after April 2007, six months before the official start of the great recession. Seven years later sentiment has slowly improved, but is not back to the levels observed in April 2007. 

The reports can be viewed here.



American Public Health Association


In early November, Market Decisions was one of over 700 booths displaying at the 141st annual APHA expo in Boston.  At the four day convention, public health professionals exchanged ideas and knowledge regarding the latest issues and resources in the health industry.  We were more than pleased to share on our techniques in the research field and connect with students and professionals from across the globe.  

APHA 2013 


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