Care Innovation

Triple-Aim-Triangle_withTitle white background v3Improvement in patient experience, the health of populations, and cost reduction are the three benchmarks for the Triple Aim framework developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. We support these objectives with research that identifies opportunities and measures progress.

Six states were awarded State Innovation Model (SIM) test award grants from the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services. We provided the data to evaluate the effectiveness of Patient Centered Care Models in a third of them. In Maine, we surveyed MaineCare recipients to understand efforts to improve linkages between primary care providers and behavioral health providers. In Massachusetts, we surveyed MassHealth members on experiences with Patient Centered Medical Homes as part of the state’s efforts to implement alternative payment contracts.

Our care innovation assignments include:

  • Maine Cardiovascular Health Program, Evaluation of Program to Improve Care for Patients with Hypertension and High Cholesterol in the Primary Care Setting
  • Healthy Maine Partnerships, Patient & Provider Research
  • Massachusetts Tobacco Cessation and Prevention Program, Physician and Patient Survey
  • Massachusetts Bureau of Healthcare Safety and Quality, Patient surveys for Proactive Reduction in Outpatient Malpractice: Improving Safety, Efficiency and Satisfaction (PROMISES)
  • Maine Department of Health and Human Services, Maine State Innovation Model (SIM) evaluation
  • Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services, Massachusetts State Innovation Model (SIM) evaluation