Patient Satisfaction

Research on improving patient care, experience, and satisfaction is one of our specialties.

Nursing Homes

We are well-versed in the logistically complex tasks required to survey nursing home residents and their relatives. Our research has been utilized in Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, Wisconsin, and most recently Maryland. Since 2005, we have conducted the yearly Maryland Nursing Home Satisfaction Study, fielding roughly 27,000 surveys to relatives of nursing home residents and producing some 220 reports customized to each home.


High quality customer service is imperative of any hospital or medical practice. Using qualitative and quantitative research, we have helped healthcare organizations better understand the quality of the customer service provided by their staff, including important touch points such as appointments, greetings, and intake.

We also administer survey questionnaires that determine awareness and impressions (positive or negative) for the major physician groups in hospital territories. Our research has been used to identify the strengths of various brands so that objective rebranding decisions can be made.