Hailey Marnell-Bozdag

Research Assistant | Data Collection Associate

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207-767-6440 ext. 1125

Mrs. Marnell-Bozdag’s experience working in client-facing positions has enabled her to be flexible, adaptable, and a thoughtful communicator. She is a dedicated team player, bringing organizational talents and insight to every project she is involved with. She excels at customer service, problem solving, and applying critical thinking skills to complex situations.

Mrs. Marnell-Bozdag is dedicated to listening to people’s stories and learning more about behavior, experiences, and attitudes. She is skilled at developing rapport with survey respondents to uncover the meaning and intent of their responses. Hailey is excited about the opportunity to learn and grow through new professional experiences at Market Decisions Research.

Why does Hailey love living in Maine? Everything! Hailey is an enthusiastic nature photographer and finds many places to practice her skills. She kayaks on the lakes and ponds in the area and hikes and bikes the various trails throughout Southern Maine.

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