Frances Tarbell

Research Assistant

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207-767-6440 ext. 1110

Ms. Tarbell assists in all aspects of the project cycle, from project design to programming, testing, data collection, processing, coding, cleaning, administration, client communications, reporting and presentations.

Frances began her career at MDR conducting phone interviews, quickly moving into research services She excels at conducting in-depth interviews and interpreting qualitative data. She provides efficient communication and has the ability to balance multiple project tasks, delivering quality results with quick turnaround.

During her time at MDR, she has diversified to public health, social policy and services, satisfaction and needs assessments, immigration, mental health, addiction and substance use, judicial assessment, business needs, and more.

What does Frances love about Maine? Frances enjoys all the outdoor activities Maine has to offer, including hiking, skiing, sailing, and kayaking. She loves dining at the many fabulous restaurants in Portland and going to all the concerts she can.

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