Elisa Ungaro, MA

Research Manager

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207-767-6440 ext. 1114

Ms. Ungaro specializes in behavioral health, project management, and health communication. She is a mixed-methods researcher capable of meeting the specific research needs of clients, whether they are individual interviews, focus groups, or complex survey designs. Her research projects focus on prevention of adolescent and young adult alcohol, drugs, and other substance use, cyberbullying, interpersonal, and sexual violence.

Elisa is an expert at multitasking and logistics. Her experience involves leading and directing overall activities such as work plans, study designs, literature reviews, grant applications, and project deliverables. When collaborating with study participants and clients, she finds that clear, consistent, and open communication ensures the smooth flow of study design, analysis, and data reporting operations. She has over seven years of experience in managing complex research projects. Her past projects include federally funded studies preventing risky health behaviors with the United States Air Force, and large-scale randomized controlled trials preventing violence and substance use amongst adolescents.

What keeps Elisa busy outside of work? Her dogs, Storm and Skye. They love the beach, hiking, and staying out in the cold all day long. Elisa is a Twitch streamer (Old School RuneScape), which keeps her quite busy. One of her favorite activities is teaching kids to sew at a local sewing school.

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