Vermont Health Benefits Exchange Planning Services

Department of Vermont Health Access

Year: 2011

This research was a multi-component project intended to aid the state of Vermont in planning and implementing a health benefits exchange. Market Decisions was part of a broader team each conducting pieces of the evaluation and planning services. Market Decisions was responsible for conducting analyses with the uninsured and underinsured using data from the Vermont Household Health Insurance Survey. These analyses provided planners with necessary detail about the populations which will be most affected by the exchange.

Additionally, Market Decisions conducted in-depth interviews with insurance brokers, nonprofit organizations that focused on health care and insurance, and public health organizations to better understand these groups’ needs and opinions regarding the exchange.

Market Decisions also conducted a survey among businesses in Vermont to better understand characteristics of employer sponsored insurance as well as employers concerns and needs regarding the exchange.  For each of these research components, Market Decisions provided a written report to assist planners in the design of the exchange.