Greater Lawrence Opioid Alliance

Market Decisions Research (MDR) worked with the Greater Lawrence Opioid Alliance to conduct an opioid-related needs assessment and environmental scan of the upper Merrimack Valley area. This research examined the current state of the epidemic in Lawrence and the surrounding communities, cataloged the available resources in the region to deal with this crisis, and identified gaps where additional support and resources were needed. Specifically, MDR:

  • Analyzed secondary data to measure historical rates and the scope of the opioid crisis in the upper Merrimack Valley area;
  • Developed a database of service area substance use treatment providers, community support groups, and regional collaborative groups who are also working on this issue (directly or indirectly);
  • Developed a database of agencies in the service area receiving state and/or federal funds around these issues, and;
  • Conducted follow-up research among community stakeholders and treatment providers to identify issues and resources related to opioid abuse in the area.

MDR developed a comprehensive research report detailing this information along with an executive summary, key findings, and recommendations for the Alliance. Results from the study will be presented at the Lawrence Opioid Symposium on October 29, 2019 at which time we will post a link to the full report.