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July US Census Meeting – Identifying Gender Minorities in Population Surveys

Mark has been invited to be a guest speaker at the Census Bureau’s subgroup on SOGI (sexual orientation and gender identity) in proxy research meeting in July! They are interested in hearing about our work identifying gender minorities in population-based … Continue reading

Turning Consumer Satisfaction into Quality Improvement

Mark, will be discussing our work with the vocational rehabilitation system at the 11th Annual PEQA Summit this September. Satisfaction survey data can be used at the agency-wide level to spark action and improve the quality of service provided to … Continue reading

Battling Health Insurance Undercounts

  Join us for a free webinar! June 26th, 2018 Mark will be discussing ways to use both question design and survey structure to reduce the persistent underestimation of Medicaid recipients in health insurance surveys. This improves data quality and … Continue reading

Measuring Underinsurance: Challenges and Implications Under the ACA

Our research on the challenges and implications of health care under the Affordable Care Act helps to better determine what the under-count is and understand the factors associated with the high rates of underinsured individuals. This abstract was written and presented … Continue reading

Announcing Vocational Rehabilitation Case Studies

Market Decisions Research has produced cases studies describing our work on behalf of vocational rehabilitation agencies. They illustrate the ways in which our survey research, data collection, analysis, and reporting services have aided these agencies. Click the links below to … Continue reading