Katie Klinko, MS

Research Analyst

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207-767-6440 extension 1103

Ms. Klinko has a strong analytical background in economics and international politics which allows her to bring a complex understanding of economic principles and political dynamics to the realm of public health and policy research. Although new to Market Decisions Research, she has a proven history of producing high-quality research that addresses multifaceted socioeconomic issues. Her prior graduate research focused on gender-based differences in U.S. labor market outcomes due to childcare constraints and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic’s restrictions on Maine’s labor force.

With skills including statistical modeling, data analysis, and economic forecasting, Katie is committed to delivering innovative solutions that advance public health policy initiatives. She communicates efficiently to enable productive collaboration and the seamless dissemination of research results. Her passion lies in combining the analytical with the personal to create meaningful insights and a positive impact.

Why does Katie love Maine? I love living in Maine all year-round, but especially during the season of fall foliage, apple cider, and chilly nights spent around a bonfire

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