Christine Cook

Accounting Manager

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207-767-6440 ext. 1122

Christine loves challenges while working to find more efficient ways to do things. She enjoys working with others to put new processes into place.  Christine is skilled at working closely with coworkers to help them be more successful in their roles. She likes to stay busy and have a variety of tasks to work on, which she gets to do because she works mostly with small businesses. In her role as Accounting Manager, she is responsible for budgeting and forecasting to ensure we are staying on track to meet financial goals. Christine feels lucky to be working in financials because they tell the story of a company, giving her an in-depth view of all that goes on at MDR.

What does Christine love about living in Maine? Christine once moved away from Maine, all the way to New Hampshire. That didn’t last very long. Christine loves Fall in Maine and the added bonus of mountains, lakes, and the ocean so near. She kayaks, walks and hikes, visits farmstands to support Maine’s local farmers, cross country skis, and enjoys quiet evenings at the ocean.

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