Adam Johnson

Research Manager

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207-767-6440 ext. 1106

Mr. Johnson excels at complex detail-oriented tasks requiring technical precision. He is an expert at managing large scale research and data collection projects, ensuring speed and accuracy. As Research Manager, Adam manages efforts for projects across all modes of surveying, including via mail, phone, online as well as focus groups and has ease and familiarity with compiling, modifying, and integrating large scale sample lists for data collection efforts.

Adam also manages the day-to-day operations of MDR’s PRAMS division, directing both the phone efforts and survey mailings. He provides client states with regular updates in productivity and suggestions for improvements in operational processes. Through his work on PRAMS Adam found that he is skilled at updating and modernizing data collection methodology to reflect current industry best practices (for example, including QR codes on survey invitations and conducting UX testing and quality control for CDC PRAMS online survey modules for two of five pilot grantees).

Adam started at Market Decisions as a phone interviewer and data processor. Since then, Adam has been involved with over a hundred different research projects at Market Decisions Research. He has more than five years of experience as a research assistant for academic and private sector research. He previously conducted research in South Africa through the University of Connecticut’s Ecology Department.

Why does Adam love Maine? Adam once hiked the entire Appalachian Trail and is happy to be living so close to the end of it at Mt. Katahdin. He continues to enjoy hiking, making an annual excursion to Isle au Haut, one of Maine’s most remote islands.

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