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This survey is funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Maine Department of Health & Human Services, and conducted by Market Decisions Research, a market research agency, on behalf of Altarum, a national non-profit health research organization. As part of this survey, you will be asked about your eating and food shopping habits. Answering these questions honestly and to the best of your knowledge will allow us to help improve the health of families in Maine.

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Please do not share your unique ID with anyone else. This is meant just for you. Only one person per household should complete the survey.  Your answers will be kept private and combined with answers from other people across the state. Taking this survey is voluntary and your participation will not affect any benefits you may receive from the state of Maine. If you recieved an invitation to this survey and are having trouble accessing it, please contact the project manager, Nathaniel Mildner, at 1-800-293-1538 ext. 112 or email me at