Our insurance clients span both private industry and government. All are looking for reliable survey data to inform decisions.

Health Insurance

For many years, commercial health insurance companies have used our research to align plan designs with customer preferences to measure and continually improve service satisfaction, and to measure and improve relationships with providers.

Recently our research has focused on guided public policy toward the uninsured. Since 2001, we have provided data to quantify the need for insurance, and to identify ways to expand coverage in ten states: Colorado, Louisiana, New York, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Georgia, and Vermont.  These comprehensive state insurance status surveys use our proprietary household rostering survey design, collecting data on every member of a household during a single interview.

In Vermont, this survey design allowed us to collect data on more than 31,000 respondents over the course of six studies. The state acted systematically on this research; it now has the second lowest level of uninsured in the US. For more information on our health insurance research in Vermont click here.

With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, our research focuses on identifying how to improve the marketing of health insurance and the measurement of customer satisfaction for state insurance exchanges.

Dental Insurance

We serve the dental insurance industry with a wide variety of research. We add value by accurately and cost effectively measuring satisfaction and experience among specific segments of the insured. Results are used to drive improvements to customer service and communication, claims processing, and technological capabilities.

Disability Insurance

We are a leading provider of survey research services for the disability insurance industry. In addition to measuring customer satisfaction levels for insurance companies, we also conduct research on the attitudes, perceptions and needs of agents and producers; those who directly market and sell insurance. This is used to aid in new product development and make improvements to marketing, administration and technological support, and compensation plans.