Youth Health Behaviors

In-school surveys are the preferred method to collect representative information on the perceptions, attitudes, and behavior of youth. We are experts at administering these logistically complex surveys that require in-depth knowledge of how to work with administrators and teachers. Our experience includes fielding the Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) in Maine, Illinois, and Rhode Island, where we have administered the survey biannually since 2007. We have also conducted in-school tobacco surveys in Maine and Virginia.

Our clients rely on our analytical and reporting acumen. We have weighted data for the Virginia Youth Survey (VYS) and for the Maine Youth Drug and Alcohol Use Study (MYDAUS). We have automated reporting to provide individual reports for schools and we have provided ad-hoc analytical services to answer critical questions. This includes:

  • A tobacco impact evaluation to assess the effect of anti-tobacco strategies implemented by local Healthy Maine Partnerships (HMPs) in Maine on youth smoking outcomes in the state. This analysis found that local HMPs with a more intensive focus on youth tobacco prevention during the time period resulted in a less conducive retail environment to youth tobacco purchases; norms, attitudes and intentions less favorable toward youth smoking; and less reported youth secondhand smoke exposure.
  • Logistic Regression Related to Cigarette Smoking Among High School Students -This paper presented the results of a logistic regression analysis using the Maine Integrated Youth Health Survey (MIYHS) to identify attitudinal, behavioral, social, and environmental factors that correlated with smoking among high school students in the Maine.
  • Analysis of the survey methodologies for the 2009 MIYHS, and the 2008 MYDAUS/YTS, and the 2007 YRBS to account for increases in the estimated smoking rates among Maine’s middle and high school public school student population from 2007 to 2009.