Mark Noyes, MPH

Research Director

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207-767-6440 ext. 114

While Mr. Noyes has managed a wide variety of research, his education in health policy means that particularly well suited for health care studies. He understands the context of today’s health care policy environment so he intuitively understands what information decisionmakers need and how and to provide it.

Mr. Noyes is a hands-on manager, well versed in all the details of rigorous research. He conducts background research to design questions, designs sampling, procures and manages sample, programs complex surveys, manages datasets, analyzes data and prepares reports.  Clients find him responsive, knowledgeable and exacting.

Mr. Noyes has improved the work at Market Decisions Research by automating and standardizing our products.  He has automated reporting for assignments in Colorado, Utah, Maryland, and Maine so that each stakeholder receives a custom report with both stakeholder specific and comparative data. In Maryland, this resulted in some 200 individual reports, per year. He has also automated and standardized our data compendiums. This allows clients who want to see beyond the information in a report an in-depth analysis by all subgroups of the sampled population.

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