Jotham Illuminati, MSPH

Research Manager

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207-767-6440 ext 100

Mr. Illuminati manages a wide variety of research projects including consumer experience surveys for state Vocational Rehabilitation programs, health insurance markets, nursing home experience, and public health initiatives. Combining an extensive background in health policy evaluation with a data-driven approach to research, he is an asset in both qualitative and quantitative studies.

As both an analyst and project manager, Mr. Illuminati is exceedingly capable of meeting client’s analytical and project management needs. Mr. Illuminati can conduct complex analytical procedures to derive meaningful conclusions such as identifying key trends and differences among survey sub-populations. An articulate writer, Mr. Illuminati develops insightful reports to meet client needs for both executive summaries and in-depth narratives. With a deep understanding of the research process, Mr. Illuminati handles all aspects of research from survey design and programming to data analysis and reporting. Through clear communication and responsive management practices, Mr. Illuminati keeps clients engaged and informed to ensure that their needs are met by the research project.

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