“Maine Omnibus Survey”

Jotham Illuminati, MSPH, Patrick Madden, MBA


The Maine Omnibus Survey is a study funded and conducted by MDR, the results provide insight into Maine residences’ perceptions and behaviors. Since 1992, the Maine Survey has provided business, government and public interest group leaders with information regarding various topics. Presented here are some of the key findings in the 2018 report.


Economy and Consumer Sentiment

  • Maine adults are generally optimistic about the State economy but are dissatisfied with the United States economy as a whole
  • Republicans are more likely to see the present economy and future business conditions as favorable at both the State and national levels
  • Half of low-income adults in Maine report being worse off financially than they were 12 months ago
  • Maine adults think now is a good time to make major household purchases

Health Insurance

  • 9 in 10 Maine adults are covered by some form of health insurance
  • Maine adults are most likely to forgo dental care when they cannot afford health care services
  • Middle-class adults in Maine experienced the most financial difficulty paying their medical bills in the last 12 months

Health Status

  • 9 in 10 Maine adults experienced no trouble finding providers and receiving the health care they needed in the last 12 months
  • The lack of convenient appointment times and long wait periods to see providers are reported as the most common causes for Maine adults not receiving health care

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Jotham Illuminati

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