Oregon Residents Give healthcare.gov Low Satisfaction Rating

Market Decisions Research’s recent survey on behalf of the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, found low levels of satisfaction for the federal health insurance marketplace: healthcare.gov.

The dual-mode telephone and online survey we conducted in June 2015 asked 1,051 Oregon residents who had previously enrolled in a plan through the marketplace how likely they would be to recommend using healthcare.gov to a friend or family member that needed insurance.  Respondents were asked to rate their likelihood of recommending the marketplace on a 0 to 10 scale so that a Net Promoter Score could be calculated.

The results found that while nearly a third (32%) were very likely to recommend healthcare.gov to friends and family, a larger group (42%) were unlikely to recommend the marketplace resulting in a negative Net Promoter score.* Responses to other survey questions indicated that complaints of high premiums and perceived inadequate coverage were key drivers of dissatisfaction with exchange-purchased plans. These issues will need to be improved if the marketplace wants to generate positive word of mouth recommendations.

The full results of the study are located at: http://www.oregonhealthcare.gov/images/or-dcbs-report.pdf

*When calculating Net Promoter Scores, the percentages of those not likely to recommend (rating a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) are subtracted from the total of those who are likely to recommend (rating 9,10).