September 2016

Happy Fall!

Last week, Curtis Mildner and Dr. Brian Robertson attended the 9th annual Summit on Performance Management in Vocational Rehabilitation in Richmond, Virginia. The Summit highlighted various ways to use consumer data to improve the quality of VR services.

Dr. Robertson and Mr. Mildner facilitated a presentation focusing on the experiences of customer satisfaction measurement for our VR clients in Vermont, North Dakota, and Florida.  Each of these organizations has taken different routes to improve the way data is collected. The improvement in the quality of the data and the depth of information it provides has led to changes in how data is used for quality improvement.

Representatives from the Florida and North Dakota Divisions of Vocational Rehabilitation joined in the presentation, discussing each state’s data collection approach including how data was collected before, why the process changed, what specifically changed, and why and how the data is now used.

The whole presentation can be accessed here: MDR Presentation: Using Data for Quality Improvement